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      This is a story about a guy falling madly in love with a girl—who is madly afraid of love.

      One random summer day two years ago, happy-go-lucky Cal was devastated when he was unceremoniously dumped by Brooke—the love of his life—via text no less.  Present day, Cal seems happy and to have finally moved on, except for Brooke’s recent re-emergence in his life.  Never mind the recurring dream of her that’s haunting him, or the fact that she is now dating Cal’s boss.  It’s Cal and Brooke’s attendance at a soon-to-be wedding of mutual friends that has more than just the bride and groom on edge.  As events unfold, it’s not surprising to discover that Cal is still struggling with feelings for his unrequited love.  What is surprising to learn is that things may not be as unrequited with Brooke as they seemed.

      In art as life, Unbreak My Heart, explores a series of inexplicably, interwoven moments—and choices made.